22 Colorful Ways to Design Your Pixie

22 Best Pixie Haircuts for Short Hair 2019

A pixie crop cut is the perfect low maintenance but high effect haircut that will show off your fabulous features. An incredibly feminine style that is surprisingly incredibly versatile given how little hair is involved – the pixie cut is a firm favourit


35 Fashionable Hair Colors to Try in 2019

Each year, there are some new hair color trends. Everybody knows that a chic hair color will turn women’s overall look more fashionable. So, why not just go to the hair salon and change your hair color. In this post, we are going to show you the latest a

25 Trendy Balayage Hairstyles for Short Hair 2019

Balayage is a hair colouring technique that blends colour tones together in the most seamless and striking transition. It beautifully melts different shades together and is usually seen on long hair – however, the incredible balayage technique looks equa

10 Beautiful Baby Pink Hairstyles

10 Beautiful Baby Pink Hairstyles

Baby pink hairstyles have swept the fashion scene and by the looks of things, this candyfloss colour doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. Pastel shades have been growing and growing in popularity, and Styles Weekly just adore them. Pastel pink might just b