How’s The High Top Going?

The answer is:

It’s going really good!

It’s been a full week and some change since I made the decision to do the big chop again and I’m loving it.

The only thing that’s a negative (but not really) is that now that my face is so prominent from the cut, my make-up has to BE and has BEEN sharper because you see more face.

The primp time is a lot shorter although it’s still not even close to where my Barber wants it to right now. He says we haven’t even scratched the surface to where he’s about to take my hair. Right now he’s just prepping my hair and getting it trained.

That’s right people.

Apparently there are levels to this shit.

All in all, I’m loving the new look and the response has been more than positive.

People keep on telling me I look “better” with short hair which begs the question in my shallow mind……….The fuck did I look like before????