Perfect Prom Hairstyle : Amazing Rolled & Sliced Updo

Looking for a unique contemporary look for a formal event, just like wedding, prom? Well, here it is!

This fantastic up-style is guaranteed to keep all eyes riveted on you, as everyone admires the amazing, trend-setting hair design.

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Romantic updo for wedding, prom!

Wedding Prom Updo 2014
Wedding Prom Updo 2017 /tumblr

The outline is created around a rolled band, with hair brushed away from the face and neck and tucked in around the band.  The loose styling creates attractive, softening volume at the sides and nape.  The crown hair is made into a fabulous textured pattern with lots of curved strands above defined partings, revealing the edgy contrasting dark roots.

The careful combing produces well-defined sliced tresses, beautifully highlighted by the expert combination of colours for amazing depth and dimension!

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