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Gorgeous Bridal Makeup Look

20 Beautiful Makeup Looks for Brides

There is no denying that the wedding gowns are quite important for an impressive wedding. However, you won’t look gorgeous just with the pretty gowns and without a stunning makeup look. One of the most stylish makeup looks is the vintage makeup look. They ma


20 Best Wedding Hairstyles

It is every woman’s dream to fall in love, get married and ride off into the sunset with the man of their dreams.  For most women, marriage is simply a beautiful thing and on that day looking their absolute best is very important. You want to ensure t

20 Popular Short Haircuts for Women

Have you ever thought about cutting your hair short, maybe into a cute short little Cleopatra bob or a Twiggy short style?  Have you tried to do so before, with disastrous consequences, and want to do your research properly before venturing into this potentia

Flip flop refashion part 1 braided straps

15 Wonderful DIY Ideas: Tutorials

Modern women, fashion lovers, … Are you busy? Of course you are; things to do, people to see? You want more time wearing your clothes and less time shopping for them or making them? No problem! Everyone here at Fashion Diva Design knows what it’s like to f

Mother's Day Poems and Quotes

22 Mother’s Day Quotes – Quotes for Mother’s Day

Can’t find the right sentiments for your Mother’s Day card? Use these wise words for inspiration. Quotations for Mothers Day or just to tell Mom you love her. A mother is clothed with strength and dignity, laughs without fear of the future. When sh

21 Inspirational Quotes for Father’s Day

Father’s Day Inspirational Quotes Happy Fathers Day to the one who will stay close to me and in my heart forever where ever I am, I feel you there and just know you are watching over us… Thankyou Dad, it still feels like you will just walk back in

Chic Jeans Outfit for Summer

20 Fashionable Jeans Outfit Ideas for Spring/ Summer

Whenver you ran out of your creativity, come here! Your personal stylist is here to offer you the latest fashion ideas so that you can be glorious all the time. Today’s post is about the spring and summer outfits. Do you have a preferred wearing style in the

DIY Jewelry Clutch Idea

17 Fashionable DIY Ideas to Recreate Your Clutches

Most women like to buy clutches and they always spend a large sum of money buying the clutches or other kinds of bags. Yet, if you know some ideas about how to recreate your clutches, then you can save a lot of money. So, your personal stylist today wants to s

Diy clothing refashion ideas

40 Simple No Sew DIY Clothing Hacks, Designs And Ideas

DIY Clothes Refashion – are you ready for this?  So, what exactly is so special about these projects that make them our ‘must-try’ ideas? Well, firstly each of these ideas is incredibly beautiful. These aren’t just quick DIY fixes – they are beautif

Fashionable Mint Nail Design

17 Fresh and Fashionable Mint Nail Designs for Summer

Summer is a wonderful time for women to show off their beauty. At this season, why not add some shades to your nails and make them cool? This post is about the nail design ideas for summer. In the gallery below, we would like to show you 17 wonderful manicure

DIY Sneakers Ideas for Teenagers

15 Awesome DIY Sneakers Designs and Tutorials

Fashion Divas! This is one of our greatest DIY crafty collections ever. You know those old, worn, dirty sneakers hiding at the back of the closet? You know – the ones that are too comfortable to throw away but too shabby to really enjoy? We have the perf

Beautiful Floral Printed Knee-length Skirt

18 Celebrity Summer Outfit Ideas with Mid-Length Skirts

What is the most fashionable and graceful dress to wear for this season? You will get the answer after you read this post. Yeah, it is the knee-length skirt. A lot of celebrities have rocked this trend and they are great examples for you to follow. The mid-len