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Top 7 Makeup Tips For Women With Pale Skin

Top 7 Makeup Tips For Women With Pale Skin

via If you have skin as pale as a Cullen, it can be difficult to find makeup that complements your vampiric skin tone. There are certain things you should do throughout your daily beauty routine to make sure that your makeup suits your pale skin without makin

Denim Jumpsuit for Summer

17 Trendy Summer Outfit Ideas for 2020

The days are getting hotter and hotter. What to wear in this summer is what most fashionistas think about every day. Have you got any ideas yet? In today’s post, we are going to show you 17 faddish outfits for you to copy this summer. Here are some advi

10 Reasons You Should Workout Today

10 Reasons You Should Workout Today

We have always heard of how beneficial working out is for losing weight and our health. However, it is beneficial for many other reasons as well. Although, many of us start working out to lose weight or build muscle. We can truly take advantage of the benef

Perfect Makeup Tutorials

Fashionable Party Eye Makeup Tutorials

Hey fashionistas! Are you ready for the Christmas party, the New Year’s party or some other parties that will come soon. Any fashion diva knows that an attractive eye makeup is quite important for these occasions. So, as your personal stylist, we are here to

Milky White Black Jacket Outfit

Fashionable Winter Outfit Ideas with Shearling Jackets

Nobody likes the chilly weather, neither do I. But I love the winter outfits very much. They are more fashionable and textured than the summer pieces. The winter boots and fur jackets make people look more sophisticated. Although the weather is bad, we have to

30 Super-Hot Stacked Bob Haircuts: Short Hairstyles for Women 2018

20 Pretty Stacked Hairstyles for Short Hair

Stacked hairstyles are coming back into fashion in a big way! A gorgeous stacked style is full of volume and body, with layers cut right through the back to create a unique shape that is flattering, fabulous and oh so fashionable at the very same time! The sta

33 Best Hair Color Ideas for 2020

Best Hair Color Ideas for Girls When it comes to hair color, nothing’s as simple as black and white. Lucky for you, we know a thing or two about getting the perfect hue! Mix things up with one of these brilliant hair color ideas for every shade.

10 Statement Necklaces We Can't Get Enough Of

10 Statement Necklaces We Can’t Get Enough Of

A necklace has the ability to transform a simple outfit into something glam and glitzy. No matter what you’re wearing, or what the occasion is, the addition of a necklace will give you confidence. Not only that, but it can truly jazz up even the most sim

How to Become a Runner In 8 Weeks

How to Become a Runner In 8 Weeks

via Becoming a runner can seem like a daunting challenge, especially if you currently get out of breath jogging to your mailbox or sprinting up the staircase in your own home. You might dream of being able to run several miles without stopping or slowing down

How to Correct Over-Plucked Brows

How to Correct Over-Plucked Brows

via Over-plucked eyebrows are every woman’s nightmare, especially in this modern day and age where full, bold brows rule the runways. However, the problem of too-thin brows is still extremely common. Maybe you stared into a magnified mirror too long and

10 Amazing Makeup Looks Featuring Green Eyeshadow

10 Amazing Makeup Looks Featuring Green Eye Shadow

When it comes to the top makeup trends, nude and neutral eye shadow colours have dominated the fashion scene. We tend to play it safe with our eye shadows, sticking to neutral shades which compliment our skin tones and whilst they look beautiful, they are tame