18 Beautiful Wedding Hairstyles You Must Like!

Every woman wants her bridal look special and beautiful. One of the most important thing a bride needs to consider about is her wedding hairstyle. If you are searching for a stylish wedding hairstyle, then you are in the right destionation. In today’s post, we would like to show you a collection of the most beautiful wedding hairstyles for 2017.

There are plenty of options. An updo hairstyle is quite graceful while the half-updo hairstyle is more romantic. If you’ve got long hair, you can make a lovely braided hairstyle on your big day. whatever hairstyle you decide to try, you will always look fabulous because they are all quite fashionable. Now, check out these 18 wedding haristyles and get yourself inspired.

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Breathtaking Wedding Hairstyle for 2017

18 Beautiful Wedding Hairstyles for 2016
Breathtaking Wedding Hairstyle for 2017 /via

Cute flower hair accerssories and a braid add a lot of feminity to the hairstyle. And some curly hair strands hanging along the face, which make this hairstyle more romantic and breathtaking.

2017 Chic Wedding Updo Hairstyle

Chic Wedding Updo Hairstyle /via

Brides with dark hair will look effortless charming just with this chic loose updo hairstyle. Some height has been created on the crown so that your head will have a perfet shape.

Beautiful Braided Updo Hairstyle for Wedding

Beautiful Braided Updo Hairstyle for Wedding /via

If your wedding is in spring or summer, it is a wonderful idea to decorate your bridal with some vivid colors. This braided updo is originally quite formal, yet it becomes a more beautiful brial hairstyle when an artifical pink flower with green leaves is added to it.

Lovely Braided Bridal Hairstyle

Lovely Braided Bridal Hairstyle /via

This braided fishtail hairstyle is quite a lovley bridal hairstyle for women who prefers a simple and minimal fashion taste. The two soft hair strands works well to frame the face and you just need a stylish hair accessory to make it more stunning for wedding.

Beautiful Bridal Hairstyle

Beautiful Bridal Hairstyle /via

The pink flowers or some other pastel colored accessories look quite amazing on the light hair color. Therefore, younger brides will look highly beautiful with this simple yet stylish hairstyle.

Stylish Bridal Curly Hairstyle

Stylish Bridal Curly Hairstyle /via

A side-parted hairstyle is very feminine for mature women to try. The soft curls really make the hair look full of life and movement. To make your ovearll look more stylish, you can copy this idea and wear long earrings and a diamond hair pin.

Gorgeous Wedding Hairstyle for Blonde Hair

Gorgeous Wedding Hairstyle for Blonde Hair /via

The bouncy curls look extremely amazing with the blonde hair color. Such a gorgeous hairstyle is suitable for all brides with long hair.

Trendy Wedding Hairstyle for Brown Hair

Trendy Wedding Hairstyle for Brown Hair /via

If you’ve got the chic brown hair, the red flowers hair accessories may not look so cool on your hair. So, you can choose a flower accessory whose color is similar to yet ligther than your own hair color. Thus, you’ll get a very trendy bridal hairtyle.

Romantic Wedding Hairstyle

Romantic Wedding Hairstyle /via

This messy hairstyle is really romantic for brides to try on their big day. By the way, if you think your hair is thin and fine, this hairstyle will work for you.

Graceful Wedding Updo Hairstyle

Graceful Wedding Updo Hairstyle /via

Let’s have a look at this wedding updo hairstyle. It looks very simple but the accessory successfully turns it into a more sophisticated wedding hairstyle.

Fantastic Bridal Updo Hairstyle

Fantastic Bridal Updo Hairstyle /via

This is a classic bridal updo hairstyle for mature women.

Braided Crown Hairstyle for Bride

Braided Crown Hairstyle for Bride /via

With some natural wavy hair left in the front to frame the face, this braided crown hairstyle is ideal for lovely brides who want an exquisite bridal hair look.

Fashionable Wedding Hairstyle

Fashionable Wedding Hairstyle /via Instagram / modaxhair

To be a fashionable bride, you should not miss this messy half-updo hairstyle.

Elegant Wedding Updo Hairstyle

Elegant Wedding Updo Hairstyle /via

Mature women will look quite elegant on their wedding with such a classy updo hairstyle.

Sophisticated Bridal Updo Hairstyle

Sophisticated Bridal Updo Hairstyle /via

Style your brunette long hair into this sophisticated updo and you will be the most stylish bride on your big day.

Retro-Chic Curly Hairstyle for Wedding

Retro-Chic Curly Hairstyle for Wedding /via

If you like the retro-chic hairstyle, then just wear this super stunning curly hairstyle on your wedding.

Pretty Wedding Hairstyle for 2017

Pretty Wedding Hairstyle for 2017 /via

The side-parted bangs will make an updo hairstyle prettier for younger brides. Besides, your face will be framed into a better shape.

Pretty Bridal Hairstyle

Pretty Bridal Hairstyle /via

This ombre half-up half-down hairstyle is quite pretty as a wedding hair look. You just need to decorate it with some stylish hair accessories.


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