Feminine Rich Romantic Copper-Red Waves with Braid

Here’s a very feminine, ultra-modern hair design packed with contemporary style that projects an irresistibly soft and romantic image!

Rich Romantic Copper-Red Waves
Braided Rich Romantic Copper-Red Wavy Hairstyle with Bangs  /tumblr

For trendy asymmetry, the side-parting allows the long, side-swept fringe to drape across the face and over one eye in a delightfully flirtatious way.  The face is beautifully accentuated by the expertly graduated layers, which are lightly textured at the ends for pretty, wispy tips.

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Combined with the loose, tousled waves, carefully defined for extra volume, you have a fabulously relaxed and flattering look.  Then add a romantic ‘medieval maiden’ braided band, plus the fabulously eye-catching, rich copper colour highlighting the lively movement and the result is an amazing show-stopper! Do you like this hairstyle? A perfect hairstyle for girls.

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