Fishtail with a bow

21 Different Fishtail Hairstyles

One of the prettiest ways for a woman to put up all or even just a part of her hair is with a braid. And although there are a variety of braids to choose from, one of the most aesthetically-appealing by far is the fishtail braid. If you’ve never worn one

21 Glorious Big and Curly Natural Hairstyles

20 Glorious Big and Curly Natural Hairstyles

With all of the flared jeans, kimono jackets and platform shoes, it’s probably no surprise to you that when it comes to fashion, the 70s are back and in full effect! And when it comes to hair, there is no way you can spotlight that era without giving maj

Light on top, tapered on sides

26 Natural Hairstyles for Black Women

There are so many reasons why going natural is an ultimate hairstyle move. It keeps harsh chemicals out of your hair and scalp. It helps your hair to growth at a healthier—and oftentimes faster—rate.  And, as you’ll see in just a moment, the

Wrap Around Ponytail

22 Cute Hairstyles for Long Hair

Do you ever get tired of wearing your long hair the same way? I certainly do, and whenever I try to find a new look to pull off either I can’t find anything new, or they are just too complicated. Where is the fun in that? Long hair is great because there

Curls for days

22 Great Hairstyles for Thick Hair

Although thick hair is the envy of a lot of women, those who have it know that it can also pose quite a few challenges. Thick hair is super heavy. Thick hair takes forever (and ever) to dry. Thick hair also requires more than one bottle of dye if you want to c

Twist and tie

25 Popular Hairstyles for Women on the Go

Whether you’re a student with a full class load, a professional with a super-demanding schedule or even if you’re a new mom who is trying to balance your baby’s needs with your own, this is a feature that is dedicated to you—the woman w

Stylish Black Hair

17 Effortless Chic Hairstyles for Black Hair

While many women are experimenting with various kinds of hair colors, the black hair begin to hit the fashion trend. People used to think black hair is dull and lifeless. But now, they may find it wrong with many fashionistas rocking the charming black hair.