Chunky knit sweater dress

21 Must-Have Items for Fall

You know how fashion trends go. If you wait until the actual season arrives, you are already behind. That’s why it’s always a good idea to not only know what’s in and what’s out months ahead, but to also make some purchases early too. T

Peep toe booties

20 Different Kinds of Ankle-High Booties

If you’re like a lot of women, there’s a pretty good chance that you have an undeniable love affair with shoes. And no matter how many pair you already have in your closet, chances are, deep down, you’re always aching for just one more. Well,

How to Make the 'All Black Look' Work for You

How to Make the ‘All Black Look’ Work for You

There are a lot of women who like to wear black, simply because it’s slimming. But being that wearing all black, from head to toe, is currently a fashion trend, we think it’s about more than taking off a couple of (visual) pounds. Black symbolizes

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25 Eye-Catching Nail Polish Trends This Season

The sign of a woman who really has her look together is one who pays attention to every single detail. This would definitely include her nails. That’s why we wanted to share with you some of the trends in nail polish that you should be on the look out fo

15 Ways to Make Your Man Feel Special

15 Ways to Make Your Man Feel Special

There’s nothing like being in love. And so, when you feel like you’ve found the one to share that experience with, that’s rare. So rare in fact that it’s important that you do all that you can to make him feel like you’re the luck

15 Ways to Increase (Emotional) Intimacy

15 Ways to Increase (Emotional) Intimacy

A big part of being in a healthy and happy relationship is establishing the kind of connection where you feel emotionally safe and cared for. That’s why, aside from physical intimacy, cultivating emotional intimacy is extremely important. Whether youR

16 Signs You're NOT Ready for a Relationship

16 Signs You’re NOT Ready for a Relationship

Sure, there are plenty of articles out here that talk about finding the right one, falling in love and knowing how to keep your relationship alive and well. But frankly, we don’t think there is nearly enough of them that talk about how you can know if yo

15 Signs You're Settling in Your Relationship

15 Signs You’re Settling in Your Relationship

Settling. There’s nothing worse than settling. That’s because although a lot of people seem to believe that being alone is worse, what they fail to realize is that when you put yourself in the position of accepting less than you deserve in a relati

17 Things You DEFINITELY DESERVE in Your Relationship

17 Things You DEFINITELY DESERVE in Your Relationship

It’s one thing to be in a relationship. It’s another thing to be in the kind that you deserve. Yet unfortunately, there are a lot of women who want to be with someone, so badly, that they don’t make their needs a top priority. And when that&#