Adam Levine’s Haircuts – Cool Hairstyles for Men

Looking for latest hairstyles for men? Need new fresh stylish haircuts this season? Well, I’d like to show you some cool haircuts from the cool men Adam Levine! He is my rock star!

Adam Noah Levine is an American singer-songwriter and musician, widely known as the lead vocalist of pop rock band Maroon 5, do you love their songs?

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Medium hair styles for men

Adam Levine Short Haircut for Men 2014
Adam Levine Short Haircut for Men 2014

Here’s another view of Adam Levine with longer hair that produces more height on top and a touch of volume at the sides. The top is styled back in carefully-defined strands that are curved at the ends to give lots of movement and interesting texture to a very attractive look!

Adam Levine spiked short haircut for men  – cool guys haircut

Adam Levine Haircut for men 2014
Adam Levine Haircut for men 2014

Here’s Adam looking rugged and casual with a style that’s trimmed short at the sides, with short sideburns that become casual stubble below. The top has been left a little longer to create some height and shape. This style just needs a touch of hair product on top to define the strands, creating plenty of texture and upward movement in this trendy mini-quiff look.

Adam loves short spiky haircuts very much, as you can see that he loves to sports short and a littler longer version of spiked haircuts. His favorite hair color is black, but sometimes he loved to add some highlights.

Well, I don’t care how to do the hairstyles, its hairdresser’s business, I’d like to show you Adam Levine’s haircuts here, hope the hairstyle pictures can help you get some hair inspirations.

Adam Levine's Haircut - Short Haircut for Men
Adam Levine’s Haircut – Short Haircut for Men /

This spiked short haircut is great for oval, oblong face shapes.

Adam Levine Hairstyle for Business Man
Hairstyle for Business Man – Adam Levine’s Haircut
Adam Levine Layered Hairstyle
Adam Levine Layered Hairstyle for men
Adam Levine quiff Hairstyle for Men
Adam Levine quiff Hairstyle for Men
Adam Levine Fashion Style
Adam Levine Fashion Style


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