20 Fashionable Hair Colors to Try in 2016

Each year, there are some new hair color trends. Everybody knows that a chic hair color will turn women’s overall look more fashionable. So, why not just go to the hair salon and change your hair color. In this post, we are going to show you the latest and most fashionable hair colors in 2016.All women can find a suitable hair colors for themselves from the gallery below.Just scroll down and check them out.

Ombre Blonde Hair

Ombre Blonde Hair /via

If you want to look effortless chic, this ombre blonde must be your best choice. Both young and mature woman will look stylish with this great hair color.

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Ombre Pink Wavy Hair

Ombre Pink Wavy Hair /via

This grey to pink ombre hair color is very cool for young women. Besides, it is quite a pretty hair color for holidays and some speical moments.

Beautiful Ombre Blonde to Pink Hair

Beautiful Ombre Blonde to Pink Hair /via

For a more stylish hair look, try this ombre blonde to pink hair color. This is a very beautiful hair look for holidays.

Sun-kissed Ombre Hair

Sun-kissed Ombre Hair /via

For mature office ladies, you should avoid hair colors like pink, blue and some other pastel hues. If you prefer a brighter hair color, this sun-kissed ombre hair will work for you.

Highlighted Brunette Hair

Highlighted Brunette Hair /via

If you don’t dye all your hair, highlighting some hair strands is also a nice idea to try. These camel highlights add more fashion attitude to the brunette hair.

Ombre Wavy Bob Haircut

Ombre Wavy Bob Haircut /via

The wavy bob haircut becomes more fashionable with the brown to camel ombre hair color. This hair look is perfect for women who want to look sophisticated all the time.

Brown to Blonde Ombre Hair

Brown to Blonde Ombre Hair /via

If you want your short haircut looks chic instead of dull, just try this brown to blonde ombre hair color. All housewives will become modern wives with such a great hair color.

Black to Blonde Ombre Long Hair

Black to Blonde Ombre Long Hair /via

For women with long straight hair, this black to blonde ombre hair color is a trendy look to try.

Fashionable Hair Color Idea

Fashionable Hair Color Idea /via

This ombre blonde hair color looks quite natural and effortless fashionable. Besides, it is quite a formal yet chic hairstyle for office ladies.

Stylish Hair Color Idea

Stylish Hair Color Idea /via

This dark to bright ombre hair color is very stylish for short hair. Plus, women will look much younger with such a stylish hair color.

2016 Chic Hair Color Idea

2016 Chic Hair Color Idea /via

Mature women will become more fashionable if they change their hair color into this ombre look. Moreover, this side-parted wavy hairstyle is really gorgeous for matrue women to try.

Stylish Camel Hair Color

Stylish Camel Hair Color /via

The camel hair color is so stylish that every woman is able to pull it off. In addition, the camel hair color is versatile and suitable for all occasions.

Beautiful Ombre Blonde Wavy Hair

Beautiful Blonde Wavy Hair /via

This milky blonde hair makes the hair looks so soft and pretty. Younger women will look more beautiful with this chic hair color.

Fabulous Red Hair Color

Fabulous Red Hair Color /via

For most women, the red hair color is an ideal choice for a sexy and charming look. Plus, the red hair works well to make mature women look younger.

Trendy Auburn Hair

Trendy Auburn Hair /via

This auburn hair is a trendy look for young women to copy.

Edgy Lavender Hair Color

Edgy Lavender Hair Color /via

If you like pastel hair, you should not miss this lavender hair color. The soft color can really add a lot of romance to your overall look.

Red to Gold Ombre Hair

Red to Gold Ombre Hair /via

This red to gold ombre hair color is edgy chic for younger women. Although it is not suitable for formal occasions, this edgy hair color is great to try for holidays.

Highlighted Dark Hair Color Idea

Highlighted Dark Hair Color Idea /via

If you want your dark hair look more fashionable, just add some magical highlights to the locks.

Blue and Purple Highlighted Hair

Blue and Purple Highlighted Hair /via

This blue and purple highlighted hair is so special that you will turn everybody’s head back as they walk past you.

Dark Green Wavy Hair

Dark Green Wavy Hair /via

This dark green hair color makes the long wavy hair even more amazing. It is a very cool hair color to try for stylish women.




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