20 Fascinating Floral Nail Designs for Spring and Summer

Your personal stylist should be the first one you could turn to for the latest fashion ideas. We are always here to show you how to make you more fascinating and faddish. This post is about the manicure. We have rounded up a collection of 20 beautiful and fashionable floral nail designs for all fashion divas to try.

You will become chic instantly with the embellished nails. If you like manicure, you should not miss the floral nails. They are quite adorable for all women to try and they are effortlessly chic. For me, I like the pastel floral nails. What about you? Just stay here and find the one you like most! Check them out and enjoy!

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Beautiful  Floral Nail Design via ink361.com

If you want your hands to look slim and fair, just try this pretty pastel floral nails!


Pink Rose Nail Design via ink361.com

Pink is favored by most of younger girls! Just like a sweet princess!


Wonderful Floral Nail Design for Summer via dailymakeover.com

Adorable and exquisite! I like this one and can’t help trying it!!


Chic Floral Nail Design for Young Women via www.lacquerologist.com

So cute and effortless chic!


Fashionable Floral Manicure Idea via dropdeadgorgeousdaily.com

The black nails become stylish and sexy with the flourishing flowers!


Elegant and Fashionable Nail Design via ink361.com

The blue nails looks more feminine and graceful with the pretty white petals! Some glitter sequins add a chic look to the nails. Do you like it?


2015 Lovely Flower Nail Design via ink361.com

Fierce color block and it’s so chic!


Beautiful Flower Nail Design for Spring and Summer via ink361.com

This nail design is as beautiful as the spring scenery of nature. It really leaves me speechless!


Nice Pink Flower and Green Leaves Nail Design via ink361.com

Green and red! Wow, still looks nice!


Stunning Mint Nail Design with Flowers via ink361.com

Mint nails is the best option for a summer manicure!


Fantastic Violet Nail Design via ink361.com

The mysterious violet nails are indeed wonderful for office ladies to experiment with!


Pastel Purple Flower Nail Design  via ink361.com

The plain purple nails become faddish with the cute purple roses and silvery glitters!


Smart Purple Nail Design with Flowers via ink361.com

If you like purple, you should not miss this one!


Fresh Blue and Green Nail Art via ink361.com

The beige nails with blue and green flowers are just fresh and graceful for all women to try!


Pretty Flower Nail Art with Beige Under painting via ink361.com

Beige nails with red flowers! Great both for work and date!


Stylish Floral Nail Design for 2015

The purple flowers are indeed fashionable for a decent look!


Cute Baby Pink Floral Nail Art via ink361.com

This pastel pink floral nail art is so understated that it’s great for women who don’t want their nails to be over showy! It’s great for all occasions.


Lovely Orange Floral Nail Design via ink361.com

The orange nails will show your fashion style and it’s chic for young ladies to try!


Fashionable Floral Nail Design with Dots via www.divinecaroline.com

Orange flowers and classic dots make a fantastic nail design!


Red Nail Design with White Flowers via ink361.com

Fierce hot and super stylish!



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