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25 Trendy Balayage Hairstyles for Short Hair 2020

Balayage is a hair colouring technique that blends colour tones together in the most seamless and striking transition. It beautifully melts different shades together and is usually seen on long hair – however, the incredible balayage technique looks equa

5 Tips on How to Pull Off Colorful Eyeshadow

5 Tips on How to Pull Off Colorful Eyeshadow

Colorful eyeshadow makes a dramatic beauty statement. Brightly colored eyelids can be beautiful and you can create countless gorgeous looks with colorful eyeshadow. You have an entire rainbow of possibilities at your disposal, which is an exciting prospect fo

What To Expect From Laser Hair Removal

What To Expect From Laser Hair Removal

Unwanted hair especially for women can be annoying and uncomfortable. Unwanted hair can pop up anywhere including the chin, on the arms and legs, above the upper lip (moustache) or around the bikini line. If you have excessive hair in any of these areas,

How to Rock a Ring on Every Finger

How to Rock a Ring on Every Finger

Wearing several rings on both hands might be considered a traditional fashion faux-pas, but rules are meant to be broken. As long as you plan the style and placement of your rings well to maintain a balance, you can absolutely rock a ring on every finger. 1. U

How to Apply Cut Crease Eyeshadow

How to Apply Cut Crease Eyeshadow

Cut crease eyeshadow is one of the newest and most popular eye makeup trends. It is basically any eye makeup that changes dramatically at the crease of your eyelid. Cut crease makeup looks great when applied correctly, but since it contradicts everything you&#

10 Casual Outfit Ideas

15 Chic Casual Outfit Ideas to Copy Right Now

Dressing up for special occasions is easy. Whether you’re looking for an outfit for a wedding, a night out with the girls or a date, it’s super simple to choose something glam and gorgeous. You accentuate your best features and choose something you

Tartan Scarf

Top 10 Fashion Pieces You Should Own in Winter 2020

Hey, fashionistas! Your personal stylist is always here to offer you the latest fashion trends. The chilly winter is already by our sides and have you got yourself some latest fashion pieces for this winter? In this post, we are going to show you the Top 10 ch

20 Elegant Hairstyles for your Special Occasion

20 Elegant Hairstyles for Special Occasion

This post is designed to provide you with the ultimate hair inspiration for a special occasion or important event – and trust us, we really have gathered some of the most beautiful hairstyles. Whether your hair is long, short, curly or straight, this ele

Casual Outfit Idea for Early Spring 2015

14 Comfortable Outfit Ideas for Early Spirng 2020

Hey, divas! Today we are going to share with you some comfortable and casual-chic outfit ideas for Early Spring . In the early spring, the weather is still cold in the morning and at night, so you still need some warm coats or vest to prevent you from the chil

Short Messy Hairstyle

Top 10 Sexy Short Haircut Ideas for 2020

Hey, divas! The post today is called the Top 10 Sexy Short Haircut Ideas for 2015. If you still think that the short hairstyles are boyish and merely suitable for those cool women, then you will realize you are totally wrong after you see the gallery below. I